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Thanks to our 2004 sponsors and partners
thumbThanks to our Sponsors.jpg We are fortunate this year to have several sponsors and partners of our team. We are very grateful, as this provides us with the money and software that we will use to help our team.

Our sponsors for 2004:

The David Allen Company - Thank you, Mr. Allen, for being a friend and champion and for helping us this year.

ICA.COM, Inc. - Thank you to ICA.COM, Inc. for your sponsorship, computers, and robot kits, and for teaching us about robotics and computers.

Our partners for 2004:

Microsoft OneNote Team - OneNote is our electronic notebook -- a place to keep our ideas and plans.

MindJet - We are using MindManager to visually record our ideas and strategies.

Gyronix - We will be using ResultsManager to visually manage our projects.

eProductivity.NET - Thank you for teaching us how to use the computers and software to become more effective as a team.

ProjectDX - The DominoBlog software will help us keep you posted on the web so that you can follow our progress.

We will be blogging about how we are doing as a team and how we are learning to use the software and funds that have been generously given to us.

Posted by Amy at 08:21:26 PM on 08/31/2004
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Wow, I hope this is as much fun as it looks! (Nick Duffill) 1

I'm sure you will all have a fantastic time and be very successful. Test lots and lots, and remember there is more to be learnt from failures than successes. Robots and computers just "know" when someone important is watching, and play tricks - so at least half your programmes will be about coping when things go wrong, as well as when they go right. We will be reading your blogs frequently, and wish you a ton of luck with the competition - but most of all, have fun! All the best, Nick.

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