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Another Director’s Award!
thumb20041127 - FLL Director's Award.jpg Our team lined up with the various teams to await the award ceremony.  During the long wait one of the Tehachapi judges demonstrated their high school robot to us.  Afterwards we had our awards ceremony.  As they called off the awards many of the descriptions of the teams who had won them sounded like our team.  We were very disappointed when we learned that it was another team who had won it.  They were down to one award, the Directors Award.  Our team thought that we were not going to win anything at this competition when suddenly we heard our name being called.  We had won the Directors Award!  We cheered loudly as we ran up to the judges to receive the award.  Never in our wildest dreams had we even considered winning two Directors awards!  It was very hard for us to calm down enough for us to pause for pictures but we somehow managed.  We had a wonderful time and I hope that we can do it again next year.

Posted by Wendy at 05:47:00 PM on 11/30/2004
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