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Another robotics competition in Tehachapi
thumb20041127 - Tehachapi Competition.jpg Today was a very exciting day for the LEGO Mountaineers.  Our team was competing again in another competition, this one in Tehachapi.  When we got there, we were very nervous.  This was our first time at this particular competition and we weren't quite sure what to expect.  We wore the new purple shirts the Microsoft One Note Team had made for us.  Tehachapi had set up a big pit area for the various teams as well as a few extra tables for those who would like to display their presentation boards.  There were eleven teams competing at this competition, a few of whom we had met at the Newhall tournament. The first few matches went very well and our team was very excited. We quickly made it to third place!  

Posted by Wendy at 05:28:00 PM on 11/30/2004
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