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"No Limits" challenge 2004 Missions
From the U.S. First LEGO League 2004 Mission web page:

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Mission A Put the CD away

40 Points (Full)

35 Points (Partial)

The Robot must move the CD so that it touches the CD case for full points, or the top surface of the desk for partial points.

Basket and Balls Play ball

5 Points (Each Ball in Your Side of Basket)

50 Points (Your Ball in Center Ring)

The Robot must move Balls into the Basket. Balls in your side of the Basket from either team are worth points to your team only. Your color Ball in the center ring is worth points to your team only. The Robot can only leave Base with one Ball at a time and each of the 8 Balls can only leave Base once. Balls which have never left base must be kept in their Holders, and used/stray Balls must not be returned to their holders.


2 Points Each

Any balls on your side of the Field that are NOT in the Basket are worth points as Bonus Objects whether or not they're in Base, and only these Balls are subject to the Bonus Loss rule. Balls which have not yet left Base will be taken in preference over others.

Mission stairs Climb the stairs

45 Points (Full)

40 Points (Partial)

The Robot must move itself onto the stairs and remain completely off the mat until the match ends. For full points, the Robot can only be touching the top step and the rail. For partial points, the Robot can be touching the lower steps. No points are earned if any part of the Robot is touching the mat.

Mission cat & dogs Feed the pets

15 Points (Each Piece of Food)

The Robot must move the three black pieces of Food from Base to the red brick patio. The Food can not be covered from above, and no points are earned if either pet comes off the patio.

Image:"No Limits" challenge 2004 Missions Open the gate

35 Points (Full)

20 Points (Partial)

The Robot must open the Gate so that it’s locked open by its retaining hook for full points. Opening the Gate partially is worth partial points.

Bussigns Read the bus route signs

35 Points

The white BUS route Sign will be randomly switched with one of the two red & black Signs before each Match. The Robot must clearly deflect the white Sign's flag only. No points are earned for this Mission if either red flag is deflected.

Chairs Push in the chairs

10 Points Each

The Robot must move each Chair as needed so that all four legs touch the oval carpet. Chairs that are knocked over are not worth points.

Dinner Serve dinner

45 Points (Full)

35 Points (Partial)

The Robot must move the Food from Base onto the dinner Table. For full points, the Bowl must stay on the Tray, and all the Food must stay in the Bowl. For partial points, only the Bowl with some Food in it needs to be delivered. In either case, no additional parts can be combined with the delivery to secure or contain it.

Glasses Remove the glasses

40 Points

The Robot must move the Glasses to Base.

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