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Channel 9 Guy comes to visit!
thumbChannel 9 Guy and Faith.jpg Today, our team had a special visitor. Channel 9 Guy flew all the way from Microsoft headquarters in Redmond Washington down to Pine Mountain Club,California to check up on us. Channel 9 Guy will be staying with us for the next few weeks so that he can learn about our robotics team and what we do. At first, Channel 9 Guy was very shy, but as we started to show him around he really warmed up to the team. (Perhaps he was just tired from his flight). With his help, we have completed the programming for the rest of the missions that we have decided to do this year. Our first competition will be next Friday, and we are getting everything ready. Channel 9 Guy has offered to help us with our presentation at the next meeting.  Stay tuned, as we will continuously post pictures and video of Channel 9 Guy's visit.

Posted by Wendy at 10:05:00 PM on 11/11/2004
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