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2006 U.S. First Robotics season begins
I'm excited! We have just started our first official day of LEGO Robotics 2006.

Our robotics team, the The LEGO Mountaineers is an all-girls home school robotics team. We have been competing in the U.S. First Robotics competitions for the past 4 years.
Today, we finished making our first mind map for the U.S. First Competition. We use mind maps in all of our planning and we make maps often help us keep track of our goals, projects, ideas, and questions. This will also make it easier for us to keep track of what we have accomplished. Below, is a link to the mind map we made. I believe that it is because of our mind mapping and GTD planning skills that we were able to successfully plan, prepare, and win the Director's Award at two different competitions.

Our robotics team had a challenging season last year; we had to move up north for six months to care for my grandma who had a stroke. We are back now, and we plan to have a more active robotics season this year. Two of our team members have moved on. Fortunately, we have gained two new members. This year, my two younger sisters will join our team.Emily is old enough to participate with everything on the team, Kelly is a bit young so she will participate with everything except competing with the robot. We are excited to have them on our team and I hope that they get a great experience.

Our goal this year, is to make it all the way to the national competition, in Atlanta Georgia. Our first step is to win the Director's award at a state competition. We plan to work very hard.

We are looking for sponsors and contributions for our team. In 2004, we were fortunate to have, as sponsors, The David Allen Company, MindJet, Gyronix, DominoBlog and The Microsoft OneNote team. (See our sponsors) We hope that these and other sponsors will join us again this year to help us reach our goal of getting to the national competition.

My sister, Wendy and I will be mind mapping and blogging about our experiences, You can follow our team adventures on our team blog. Coming soon!

Thank you.
Amy Mack

Posted by Amy at 05:11:00 PM on 08/21/2006
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