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A mother’s perspective on teamwork
I am so very proud of my girls, and their accomplishments at the Santa Clarita Valley First LEGO League Tournament.  It was the most well-run event I have ever seen.  Major kudos to Wendy Mathis, the coordinator and teacher at Placerita Junior High School.

I think what stood out to me the most was people's reactions to our team when they found out that the girls are all sisters.  Everyone said that they couldn't believe that four sisters could get along so well and accomplish anything.  They insisted that their children could never have done that.  felt very sad for them.
Our media certainly doesn't encourage siblings to get along.  How many sitcoms have siblings putting each other, and their parents down?  Do you see any TV shows today where family members encourage each other and build them up?  Perhaps our success is that we don't watch television, just preselected videos.

Most families divide their children up into different bedrooms so everyone has their "own space".  In our family, all four girls share a room - we have two sets of bunk beds.  They have learned to share their space since they were born.

So, the Teamwork Award meant the most to me.  I hope, that through that, parents saw that it is possible to raise children who can work together, and encourage each other.  Do my children ever bicker?  Of course!  But they also know how to resolve their issues.

Posted by Kathy at 10:02:00 PM on 11/12/2006
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