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Clovis - The State Competition
Well, we just got through the last competition for the season. This competition was held in Clovis and was the big state competition. If we won this one, we would be invited to attend the nationals.

When we got there, we were surprised to learn that seventy-seven teams would be competing at Clovis. Normally, twenty to thirty teams show up at regular competitions. This would mean that we would have to work a lot harder to win the Champion's Award.

This competition, we did better than the last two competitions. We gave everyone an equal chance to do their favorite missions and worked hard to score points with the judges. We had incredibly success at the field and scored some unexpected points.

You may be wondering, by now, what awards we won. We did not win any awards this particular competition. In fact, only twelve awards were given out, so most teams did not receive an award. Our team did, however get in fifteenth place out off seventy- seven teams.

I really don't look on it as a loss, though. We came out of the season having won three impressive awards; Teamwork, and two Robot Design awards. Those were both areas that we really struggled on in past years, so for us to have overcome that handicap is a great achievement.

We will not be going to the Nationals this year, but, hopefully, some new opportunities will arise. Thank you for following our team through our trials and successes. We had a lot of fun this season and really learned a lot.

Posted by Amy at 06:18:30 PM on 12/11/2006
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