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Frequent failure, the key to success
IMG_3819.JPGToday, after solving our seemingly never ending robotic problems, Emily and I went to show the coach our finished project.  He congratulated us then declared something that made our blood run cold.
"I want you to fail as often as possible..." (Yikes, maybe we need a new coach) "so that during the competition you already know what works and what doesn't."  

IMG_3826.JPGIn other words the coach wasn't telling us to build a robot to fail.  What he was trying to tell us was that he wanted us to experiment, like Thomas Edison, many times to find out what is the best way to succeed.  When we start the competition we won't have much time to experiment, so it is better to experiment before hand.

So if you hear about a lot of failures on our blog, don't be concerned.  Just stick with us till we get it right.

Wendy Mack
The LEGO Mountaineers

Posted by Wendy at 08:15:00 PM on 08/28/2006
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i am interssted in robots (amr mohamed) 1

I am so interseted about your program and robots and i congratulate you about that.

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