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Great Job Flying Geeks!!!
Today, our coach pulled us aside and told us he had downloaded a video that we really needed to see.  Amy and I watched with literally open mouths as the Flying Geeks accomplished mission after mission, ALL WITHOUT TOUCHING THE ROBOT!!!  

You must watch this amazing video of the Flying Geeks.
(Right-click to download, it's a large file)

Using a basic RCX and some amazing programming, the Flying Geeks completed every mission, and achieved a perfect score of 400, with at least a minute to spare!  Their team has truly accomplished an amazing feat.  
On behalf of the LEGO Mountaineers I would like to congratulate the Flying Geeks on accomplishing all of the missions and beating previous records.  Good luck at the nationals!

Source: MindstormsMayhem

Posted by Wendy at 09:10:00 PM on 03/20/2007
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Flying Geek () 1

I downloaded the video where the Flying Geeks were accomplishing mission after mission on { Link } search engine a couple of days ago and I confess that I'm still with my mouth opened. That's really amazing and unbelievable, guys! All without touching the robot. Just incredible!

flying geeks -bodo (R.kazemi) 2

u flying geeks guys couldnt get 400 even once at bodo:D

Poor u , but i gotta admit, if the robot was made up without any touch of ur engineer coaches, u did incredible..But if ur engineer coaches made it, poor u that even engineer couldnt beat primary school students^^..

re: Flying Geeks () 3

Thanks for the update, Randy.

I'll monitor your web site for updates.


Flying Geeks (Randy Bohannan) 4

I just ran across your site. Thanks for the congrats.

We didn't make it to Nationals, but have just recently been invited to go to the European Open Championships at Bodoe, Norway.

Hopefully, in the next few days, you can get to our website. We hope to have more videos posted soon.

Randy Bohannan, Flying Geeks coach.

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