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HELP! Can you help me with RoboLab 2.9?
I have been having a lot of trouble with programming the NXT rotation
sensor with ROBOLAB 2.9. I can get the rotation sensor to work some
of the time, but whenever I try to add the NXT motor sync option the
robot goes forward forever. A few questions:

Can the rotation sensor and the motor sync blocks coincide?
Is there an easier way to program the rotation sensor?
Where should the motor sync block be placed in the program, before or
after I program the motors to go forward x number of degrees?
Does it matter?

I have also been having trouble controlling my robot's speed. In the
Mindstorms NXT software I can program my robot to gradually increase
my speed as I move forward. How do I do that in ROBOLAB?

If anyone has any suggestions or tips, please post a response. Until
then, I will continue to experiment.

The LEGO Mountaineers

Posted by Wendy at 12:54:58 PM on 10/09/2007
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help (martin) 1

I have also found several tutorials on RoboLab 2.9 by { Link } search engine, you may try to use them as well. Good luck!

re: Robolab and rotation sensors () 2

Thank you, Mr. Rogers. I will contact you by email with the details!


Robolab and rotation sensors (Chris Rogers) 3

Wendy - I have two questions.

1. can you please email me your code?

2. are you running 2.9.2 or 2.9.3? If you are using 2.9.2 try going to and run the patch - there were a number of fixes on the motor stuff (although I do not remember one like what you are talking about).

Yes you can use the motor synch and distance set icons together - I do not think the order should matter - I usually synch first and have not had issues.

Also - if you want to slow the motors down, just run a loop 100 times and wire the loop iteration value to the motor speed (and put a 100msec wait in the loop as well). I can send you the code if you wish.

I hope that helps.

see ya

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