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Long Jump Mission ideas
At our last meeting, we experimented with different missions. I had the opportunity to work on the Long Jump Mission. The three of us, Amy, Emily, and myself, came up with the idea of using an arm to drop a LEGO weight onto the switch, which would launch the lego man across the table. The arm had two hooks that held the weight above the ground. When we activate the motor, the hooks would swing out, drop the weight, and hit one of the switches. The arm, because of its size, had to be mounted on top of our robot. The problem was getting the arm to hit the correct switch. We built a hollow square that surrounded the switches so that the weights wouldn’t miss. Then we had to figure out a way to aim the weight so that it could repetitively hit the correct switch. Amy decided to place a flat bar across the box to shrink the area in which the weight could fall. It was successful, and we were able to shoot the lego man. It was great for a first night.

Posted by Kevin at 09:53:29 AM on 03/27/2007
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