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Mayan Adventures with the NXT
This past week we had been working on a NXT book, The Mayan Adventures, and have built five robots that did various missions. The missions looked simple, but took about one day to do each mission. The first mission was to build a robot that would go down a tunnel, trigger a pressure plate, and drive back. We found that fabrics aren't easily seen by the ultrasonic sensor because we used suitcases for walls. The second mission had us make a robot go across a wire and drop pebbles into a bucket. We used the sound sensor to allow us to stop the robot over the bucket. For our third mission built a robot that looked for a basket surrounded by obsidian. To make things more fun, the robot also had to take a picture of the room. The fourth mission was grabbing a scroll,(we used a paper towel tube). We learned how to build a different kind of arm. The arm flips up and locks in place. The final mission was to push three figurines onto pressure plates. I liked the fifth mission best because it used both sides of the robot.

Posted by Kevin at 04:11:43 PM on 10/01/2007
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