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Moving Forward in our Research
For the research project this year, teams are supposed to choose a building in our community, learn how it uses energy, research and suggest improvements, and inform the community. The LEGO Mountaineers have chosen for our research the clubhouse, the local community building toward the center of the valley.  The clubhouse has so far proven to be a great choice, for we have found that it has many different things that we can learn about and many places where we can improve their usage of energy.

This morning, our team met with the general manager of the clubhouse, Mr. Rainey, to gather some more information about how they use energy.  Mr. Rainey connected us with several people who will give us the information we need. One of our contacts is a bio-fuel expert and biologist who we will be meeting with tomorrow.  I am very excited to be learning more about alternative energy and our community.

Posted by Wendy at 06:33:14 PM on 10/05/2007
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