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Solving the bus route mission
thumb20041002_bus_stop_attempt.jpg Along the competition field are three flags which represent bus stops. Two flags are red and one is white. The position of the white flag will be randomly changed prior to the start of each match, so we cannot rely on it being in the same place all the time. The goal is to have the robot knock over the white flag without knocking over either red flag.  We will earn 35 points if  our robot is able to knock over the white flag. No points will be awarded if a single red flag is knocked over, so we can't just knock over all the flags!

One idea we discussed was to have a light sensor to detect white or non-white. When the robot senses the white flag it will lower an arm, drive forward, and knock over the flag. After this, it will raise the arm and continue on to the next mission.

I believe this mission is a good mission because it is in a good location and several high-point missions are in the area, so we should be able to do this mission and others, too. This mission is much easier than it looks, if you think things through and break them down into small parts. Sometimes if you look at the big side of it, it can get overwhelming.

I would like to try to make a flow chart for this idea as well as experiment with the technical side of this mission. I hope it turns out well.

Posted by Amy at 08:18:05 PM on 10/02/2004
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