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The 2007 FIRST Challenge is Released!
The 07-08 Power Puzzle challenge was released on September 5th.  The entire theme this year is using energy wisely.  
Because many teams had scored very high last year, FLL Headquarters decided to make it much more challenging.  Instead of the standard nine missions,the teams gave been given fourteen missions for surprisingly low points each.  These missions include...
  • Placing a hydrodam on the river
  • Placing two wind turbines in housing communities
  • Pushing a team designed wave turbine into the ocean
  • Taking oil barrels off a platform
  • connection communities to a power plant with a power grid
  • Delivering a hydrocar to a house
  • Activating a solar panel
  • Collecting corn from a farm
  • Collecting uranium from a farm
  • Delivering materials to the power plant
  • Planting trees
  • Pushing a coal cart into base

Along with the field missions, each team received the research project challenge.  Our challenge this year is to pick a building in our community learn how it uses power, and suggest some improvements.  It is also mandatory that we share our findings with the community.

This year looks like a lot of fun and we are looking forward to getting started.

Posted by Wendy at 07:08:46 PM on 09/10/2007
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