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The competition is getting close!
IMG_3974.JPGIn less than six days the LEGO Mountaineers will be competing in our first competition!  This last week we have been working frantically on our research presentation.  We have completed the team board and are now working on our presentation board.  

It took a while but we finally chose our research project and got to work.  Our team has invented a robot that will solve the problem of carpal tunnel syndrome.  Because there are many causes for this big problem, we have decided to focus on carpal tunnel syndrome caused by tendentious.  

IMG_3976.JPGCarpal tunnel syndrome occurs when something (in this case excess fluid) pushes or pressures the median nerve in the carpal tunnel, which is the largest nerve in your arm and hand.  

This is a serious problem that causes intense pain in your hand and often can leave people unable to perform many of the functions that they could normally accomplish.  

IMG_3973.JPGCurrent operations cut the carpal ligament, which forms the upper lining of the carpal tunnel, in hopes that the ligament will knit itself back together leaving more room for the median nerve.  This isn’t as effective because, in many cases, the ligament never fully heals, and the wrist loses its strength.

Following the LEGO Mountaineers traditional presentation styles, we opted to perform a skit during which we will introduce our robot to the judges.  

In this skit, you are in the Innoventions Theater at Disneyland, learning about the newest medical discovery.  The judges and anyone else in the room will be our “audience” and we hope to make it as realistic as possible.  We will be using many props and are considering using a mock demonstration to make it more realistic.

We’re counting down the days as we rush to complete everything.  I can’t wait until our first competition.

Posted by Wendy at 09:41:00 PM on 11/05/2006
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