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The Competition Playing Field Has Arrived!
IMG_3559.jpg IMG_3562.jpg IMG_3609.jpg IMG_3607.jpg Today, our competition mat and the pieces for our props finally arrived!  We are so excited.   This year looks very interesting.  All that we know is that it has something to do with nanotechnology.

After we looked over the field for a while, we unpacked the bags of LEGO pieces and began working on our "favorite" job.  Inventorying!  (Yikes!)  Actually it wasn't as difficult as it had been in previous years.  the only majorly tedious job was counting the hundreds of little pegs that LEGO provided us with.  As it turned out, the only thing we are missing is a long pole used for some magnet mission.  Fortunately, we were able to make a temporary substitute using a few of the pieces from the MINDSTORMS kit.

Our team lived through the inventorying, (Whew) and we began to build props.  We have built seven of the nine props and all I can say is that they look very interesting.  This is sure to be an exciting competition.

Posted by Wendy at 03:45:00 PM on 09/09/2006
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