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Using wind turbines for alternative energy
Our Research Project is to choose a building in our community, analyze that building, and share our findings with our community. My part of the project is using wind turbines for an alternative energy. There are several advantages and disadvantages for them. Some of the advantages are:
            It is an infinite source of energy to use.
            It does not rely on fossil fuels to operate.
            They don’t take up much land.
There are, however, several disadvantages:
            They are expensive to maintain
            Many people consider them an eyesore on hillsides.
            They generate as much noise as a family van traveling at 70 mph.
            They aren’t always spinning, so they aren’t as reliable.
            Sometimes some unlucky birds get chopped up in the rotors and make a mess.
This is some of the information I have found.

Posted by Kevin at 11:31:04 PM on 10/19/2007
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