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We’re Making Progress!
For the first few meetings our team worked on building various sumo robots to try out various ideas, strategies, and lessons we had learned.  
During the last two meetings, we focused on the mission part of the competition.  Our team split up into two groups: group one worked on the barbell mission and group two worked on the long jump.  The teams completed the barbell mission and experimented with various ideas to trigger the long jump.

One challenge we faced was how to repeatedly push down the right lever.  An idea that we had was to drop something heavy on the correct lever.  This idea did work but getting the robot there was very inconsistent.  We are now experimenting with how to push the lever to launch the LEGO man.

We finished the barbell mission but it may not be the final mission that our team uses.  I am so excited to be making progress!

Posted by Wendy at 11:12:42 PM on 04/06/2007
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