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We won the Director’s award, again!
thumb20041127 - Tehachapi Competition Director's Award2.jpg When it came time for the awards ceremony we were all very excited. The anouncer did something very unusual by giving clues to which teams won each award before he announced the actual winning team. Every time he announced an award we all held our breath, hoping that it might be us that was getting the award. Several of the descriptions fit close to us but would always turn out to be another team. After announcing the Presentation award we gave up all hope of getting an award. They got to the Directors award and we all felt bad about going home empty handed. All of the sudden we heard the description that sounded close to ours. We waited breathlessly as they prepared to announce the name of the team. All of the sudden they called us up; we had won the Director's Award! Our feet barely touched the ground as we ran forward to receive the award.

Although we had been working hard all season in hopes of winning the Director's award, we never imagined that we could win win the Directors Award twice in a row!

My advice to other teams that may be reading this blog, is to never give up and remember that the competition is not over until it is over.

Posted by Amy at 06:45:00 PM on 11/30/2004
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