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We won the Director’s award!
We had a wonderful time at the competition on Saturday! Of the three rounds on the mission mat, Wendy and Derek scored the highest. In the Sumo Event, Kelly was my co-pilot, and I couldn't have done it without her. For the On-the-Spot mission we had build and program a robot that would find the light bulb in the middle of the field. In the testing it worked fine, but for some reason all of the programs got deleted right before the match. We did go home with a few trophies, however. We placed first in the Mission mat, with 137 points. We also won the Sumo event. And finally, we earned The Director's Award! We were all very excited and I will be doing the Lego Robotics next year.

Posted by Kevin at 10:52:45 PM on 04/30/2007
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