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After reviewing our notes from the fifteen minute survey of each mission, our coach gave us a list of next actions that we needed to accomplish to work on our robot.  One of the things that we had to do was to read over the several missions, talk about each one, choose the missions that we wanted to do, and to put them in order of execution.  With our former team member, Faith Steele assisting, we narrowed down our options of the nine missions and chose the seven missions that we will target.  

IMG_3874.JPGWe have chosen the seven missions closest to the base because they are easier to finish, give more points, and we know that we can complete them because of the various tests that we have done.  These missions are the Smell, Manipulate Individual Atoms, Nanotube Strength, pushing the dirt trap to the Unstainable Fabric, the Unstick Nanotip, the Nano Elevator, the Unstainable Fabric , and Smart Medicine.  We have decided to combine several of the misssions in order to complete all of them.

Amy, Faith, and I have calculated that if we complete all of these missions perfectly we would get 320 points.  Even though it is extremely unlikely that this will happen, if we cut it in half it is still a great competition.  We are very excited about this decision.  Our next step is to clone our robot and to make the changes that we need.

Posted by Wendy at 09:40:00 PM on 10/21/2006
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