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You’ve helped us more than you know
This year, the LEGO Mountaineers have the privilege of being sponsored by many generous people and companies, but they have helped us more than financially.  We have been given tools, encouragement, and we have learned valuable lessons from our sponsors.

Our team has used some of the GTD methods, by David Allen, such as always looking for the successful outcome and asking ourselves what the next action is.  One of the main ways we have used GTD is in coaching our little sisters, and getting them to determine the next step. This works great with little people with short attention spans.

IMG_3972.JPGA major tool that we have used in our team strategies and discussions is mind mapping.  We have used the MindManager software to help us visualize what our goals were, and the steps we needed to accomplish it.

In our continuous blog posts, documents, presentations, etc. ActiveWords has been a major time-saver for our team.  Instead of continuously typing the same things over and over again or having to navigate to certain pages or programs, we were able to use this software to buy us some much needed time.

Unfortunately, because of the fire evacuation, we lost a lot of time that we could have used to experiment and learn new software.  One of the things that we weren't able to do was to experiment with the Gyronix software.  One of the things that they helped us with, though was Nick Duffill, one of the founders of Gyronix, spent a lot of time and created a mind map with some extremely valuable lessons.  We have used the advice Mr. Duffill has given us and have been able to successfully correct the robot and have saved ourselves a lot of time. Thank you Gyronix!

We have several private sponsors who have constantly encouraged us and checked in on our team.  Jason Womack is friend of the family who has been a great champion and encourager over the past few years.  Gene Mack and Judy Geffen, J.P. and Pam Amor, and our Aunt Royce, have also encouraged us and are constantly asking how the team is doing.

We really appreciate all of the support that our sponsors have given us.  Thank you so much!

The LEGO Mountaineers

Posted by Wendy at 08:39:19 PM on 11/08/2006
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